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As a member of the Canadian Litigation Counsel, a nationwide affiliation of independent law firms & through CLC's association with The Harmonie Group, our clients have access to legal excellence in North America, the U.K. and Europe.

Global Reach


McCague Borlack LLP, a law firm with offices in Toronto, Ottawa, Kitchener & Barrie, knows that our clients count on us to take innovative and leading roles in our profession:

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National Service:

Canadian Litigation Counsel (CLC) - In the mid-1990s, we recognized that there was no national association of law firms dedicated to providing litigation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services to clients. Accordingly, we took the initiative to become a founding member of Canadian Litigation Counsel (CLC).

Now a nationwide association of independent law firms, CLC is involved in coordinated litigation and related services to the insurance industry and other public and private institutions. The group is specifically structured to serve and respond to our principals’ needs on a national and regional basis. CLC serves clients of member firms to ensure rapid, efficient, and consistent legal assistance across Canada.

To help its members serve you better while controlling costs, CLC is at the forefront of e-mail reporting and computerized file management.

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International Service:

 The Harmonie Group - In the late 1990s, Canadian Litigation Counsel (CLC) affiliated with a similar organization in the United States, the Harmonie Group. Like CLC, the Harmonie Group is an affiliation of independent law firms, all specializing in litigation and alternative dispute resolution. The Harmonie Group has 60 member firms with at least one firm qualified to practice law in every U.S. state.

Canadian Litigation Counsel’s association with the Harmonie Group helps give you access to legal excellence in every jurisdiction in North America, the U.K., and Europe.