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Also in Ottawa, Kitchener & Barrie's business districts, we are dedicated to litigation & advocacy, with a strong focus on insurance defence & insurance coverage litigation. We represent insurers, corporate/commercial entities, banks and financial companies, and individuals.

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Practice Group Spotlight

Energy Law

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Our Energy Law Group provides a broad range of litigation, risk management and dispute resolution services to clients operating in the energy and electricity industries in the spectrum of power generation technologies from nuclear, hydro, coal, natural gas to renewable sources of energy.


Lawyer Spotlight

Annette Uetrecht-Bain

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Annette has considerable courtroom experience having appeared before the Ontario Divisional Court, Ontario Superior Court of Justice, Financial Services Commission of Ontario and at appeals before the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board.


Mock Mediation

Settlement Results

Seminar Invite

Did you get the handouts and results to our Mock Mediation - underage drunk cyclist, imbibing at friend's house, driver DUI marijuana,    can it get any more complicated? oh yeah, and it took place on a on city bike lane...