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September 23 - New Article - No Nonsense LAT - MB at the forefront! by Bogdan Miscevic

September 23 - New article - Strategies for Managing Claims related to Subjective Illnesses or Injuries in a Mediation by Van Krkachovski & Shayan Kamalie

September 19 - Check out the CLC Golf Pics from September 9 - 4th Annual Golf Day.

September 15 - New Article - The Mechanics of the Duty to Defend by Garett Harper & Aryeh Samuel

September 13 - New article - PIPEDA and the Internal Complaints Process of Insurers and Banks by Anthony Gatensby

September 9 - New Student Blog - Preparing for the Fastest 17 Minutes of your Life - OCI Interviews by Mahdi Hussein


August 23 - New Marine Article - Lockdown at the Harbour: Arresting Multiple Ships? by Anthony Gatensby

August 18 - Featured Case Study - Summary Judgment in Third Party Claims  - Alive & Viable on Claims for Contribution & Indemnity by Michael Blinick & Sean Valentine

August 17 - First Student Blog for 2016 Articling Students - Summer Student Application Tips by Karen B.

August 17 - New Transportation Law article on Cargo - Declaring Values on "Contracts of Carriage" in Ontario by Anthony Gatensby

August 17 - The Summer Students of 2016 have left the building - BUT they will all be back next fall - read their final words of (new found) wisdom - go to their blog

August 12 - New Transporation Article - Reasonable and Necessary: Defining the elusive test from the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule by Michael Kennedy

August 12 - Summer Student blog - They can't teach you this in law school: Litigation as a vocation by Alexander Steffan.

August 5 - New Case Study - Court of Appeal Decision on Dependency in a Priority Dispute Dealing with New Relationships by Olga Zemlinsky


July 29 - MB's GTA Peeps enjoy a sunny day watching the Jays Game.  see photos

July 28 - The latest Students' blog - Reality Check: With OCIs around the corner... by Melissa Parravano

July 27 - MB's Ottawa office puts the “Fun” in their Summer Fun Day! With panache and courage they all discovered their inner artist; however, most have decided to stick with their day jobs ;D see photos

July 15 - Personal Injury Article - Pokémon Go: Augmented Reality is the New Reality for Liability Insurers by Michael Blinick & Michelle Legault

July 15 - Newest Summer Student Blog - Sherlock Holmes of the Legal Profession - by Jessica Margeit

July 7 - Transportation Article - Update on Issues relating to Autonomous Vehicles: Recent Fatality & the Anticipated Challenges arising from the Accident by Michael Blinick & Michelle Legault

July 5 - Mediation Article - An overview of the statutory obligations for insurers to participate in mediation and to attempt to settle by Van Krkachovski & Emily Kostandoff

July 5 - Summer Student Blog Approaching The List like Goldilocks by Michelle Legault


June 29 - New Transportation Law article - Mandatory Training for Commercial Truckers a Welcome Change by Peter Vlaar

June 29 - New Employment Law article - Back to the Future Causation Alert: Clusters Trumps Medical Causation in Judicial Review of Technicians' Breast Cancer by Brian Murphy

June 29 - New Featured Case: Zuk v Atkinson Answer Undertakings in a Timely Fashion or Your Case May be Dismissed by Frank DelGiudice & Mark Borgo

June 28 - Newest Summer Student Blog Trust the Process by Emily Kostandoff

June 20 - Newest Summer Student Blog Mathematics in Litigation by Gabriela Caracas

June 15 - New Article When to say Enough? Marfo v. Ahmed: A restatement of the law regarding defence medical examinations - by Katie McBride

June 14 - Newest summer student blog, Bridging the Gap: Who wants to play 21 Questions? by Mark Borgo.

June 3 - First 2016 Summer Student Blog, Hit the Ground Running by Taskeen Abdul-Rawoof


May 27 - New Student Blog, Make the most of it by Shene Harris

May 3 - New Student Blog, When possible, just pick up the phone by Alex Robineau

May 2 - New Article: Public Sharing of Private and Personal Information and Videos: Cyberbullying and the Implications for Insurers by Michael Blinick and Leona Kung

May 2 - New Article: Bring out your calculators! Retroactive Attendant Care and SABS interest by Catherine Korte, Anthony Gatensby, and Bogdan Miscevic


April 23 - New Personal Injury Case Study - Waivers Gain Additional "Armor" in the Defence of Personal Injury Litigation - by Garett Harper

April 13 - Congratulations to Isabella Fiorillo, a Legal Assistant with MB, who was a recipient of one of the 2016 Legacy Awards. For the past four years, Isabella has been volunteering with the Toronto Youth Justice Committee as a Restorative Justice Facilitator.  See Personal Note for details.

April 7 - New AB Case Study Is there a 10 day time period on EUOs? Case Comment: Choeun ats Allstate by Domenic Nicassio


March 28 - New AB Case Study The Importance of Clear, Unequivocal Refusals - Falcon and State Farm - by Domenic Nicassio

March 18 - New AB Article Insurers Seeking Recovery of Overpayment? Beware of Notice Requirements - Case Comment: Intact Insurance v. Marianayagam 2016 by Domenic Nicassio

March 17 - MB welcomes Domenic Nicassio; a new lawyer to the Toronto office. Domenic has extensive experience representing insurers with respect to bodily injury claims and accident benefit disputes. Read his full bio.

March 14 - New AB Article: Will the Cap on Attendant Care Benefits Have Retroactive Effect? Superior Court Says 'No' by Domenic Nicassio

March 14 - New AB Article: John Hancock would be proud: Chaparina and State Farm and the importance of signatures on accident benefits treatment plans  by Robert Smith

March 9 - New Student Blog - All Work No Play? Think Again… by Leona K.

March 8 - MB & Northbridge polished their bowling shoes for third annual bowling night! See Photos


February 26 - New Employment Article: Employers Beware: An Employee Charged Criminally for Sexual Assault May Not Be Sufficient Grounds To Terminate with Cause - by David Elmaleh

February 26 - New Article: $30,000 Awarded for Defamatory Statements Made on Facebook by Robert Smith

February 22 - New AB Article: The requirement to provide "medical reasons" when denying treatment plans: a ticking time bomb? - by Robert Smith

February 22 - Goodbye FSCO, Hello LAT!  New article on how accident benefit disputes will be handled - by Michael Kennedy

February 19 - Photos for MB's Winterfest Ski Day 2016 are published.

February 17 - Recent decision case study:  Superior Court Re-Affirms that Bus Drivers are Held to a Higher Standard of Care by David Elmaleh and Michael Blinick

February 9 - Recent decision case study: Divisional Court Comments on Termination Rights of Employer during Probation Period by David Elmaleh

February 8 - New student blog Case Study: A Cautionary Tale by Aryeh S.

February 3, 2016 - New case study: New Privacy Tort Recognized in Ontario: Jane Doe 464533 v. X by Robert Smith.

February 2, 2016 - New student blog titled: Managing Stress by Carol-Anne M.

February 1, 2016 - Go to Photos Albums for pics from CLC/THG Joint Winter Conference, Florida


January 26, 2016 - New Case Study on The Ontario Court of Appeal's Decision on Livent Lights, camera, financial transaction: Auditor liability after the Livent decision

January 20, 2016 - New Employment Law article - Employment Termination Clauses: Failure to Specify Minimum Statutory Benefits after Dismissal, but Voluntary Provision of Those Benefits By Eitan Kadouri and Ben Carino.

January 13, 2016 - Newest student blog - a case summary handled by the student - Summoned to Old City Hall by Christine L.

January 7, 2016 - Student blog - can you believe they are at their Half-Way Point: People, Places, Things by Bogdan M.

January 5, 2016 - New Article on Insurance Coverage For Want of Jurisdiction by Anthony Gatensby - first published in Canadian

MB Partners are very pleased to announce that David Elmaleh is joining the firm as a partner effective January 2016. Please join us in congratulating David.


December 23 - CLC Executive Golf pics posted!  See Photo Albums

December 22 - New Employment Law Article: Employment Contracts: New Term? New Consideration! by David Elmaleh 

December 22 - Student blog gives a nice look into the students' holiday traditions.

December 16 - Four new Property Insurance / Subrogation articles posted today >

December 15 - Welcome to new lawyer Rachel Leck (Ottawa office).

December 11 - Article published re: Liability Limits in Subrogation - first presented at Transportation Law Seminar by Adam Grant.

December 10 - Two articles for Employment Law regarding the Benefits of Employment Liability Practices Coverage: both Human Rights Tribunal Cases and Civil Case Studies

December 1 - Transportation article added to database call Tranportation Case Law Updates 


November 27 - Sports Law Articles available - see the sports law handout page for access to all titles.

November 24 - Student Blog title Forget the molehills by Michael G.

November 12 - Transportation Law Article: Uber Now Delivers - By Leona Kung

November 11 - Transportation Law Article: Developments in Loss Transfer: Does the doctrine of laches apply to bar delayed claims? by Michael Blinick and Sean Valentine.

November 10 - Transportation Law Article: Autonomous Vehicles - The Next Frontier 

November 9 - Employment Law Article: Termination Provisions and Employment Contracts: The New Order by Martin Smith and Cassandra Khatchikian

November 6 - Employment Law Article: Probationary Employees: Employers' Termination Rights and Restrictions by Martin Smith and Carol-Anne Wyseman

November 2 - Get to know all our 2015 Call Associates: See bios published for Anthony Gatensby, Ben CarinoGarett Harper, Irina Sfranciog, Josh Sugar, Michael Vrantsidis, Sean Valentine

November 2 - Student Blog title Don't judge a book by its cover by Navid G.


October 27 - Student Blog title My First Civil Jury Trial (Yes while Articling!) by Alex R.

October 26 - Two Case Study articles added to the database re: Waiver Defence:  Trimmeliti v. Blue Mountain Resorts Ltd. and Levita v. Alan Crew et al

October 23 - Case Study - State Farm v. Old Republic Insurance, 2015 ONCA 699: Re: Heavy Commercial Vehicles

October 21 - Article - A "Victory for Common Sense": Uber Continues to Operate Legally in London, UK

October 15 - Guest Writer on our Student Blog titled Brushing your Teeth in the Shower: Time Management by David Elmaleh

October 7 -  Articling Student Blog Hard Hat and a Briefcase by Aryeh S.

October 2 - Articling Student Blog You v. Articling, [2016] 01 MB_Articling 10 (MB) by Bogdan M.