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June 29 - New Transportation Law article - Mandatory Training for Commercial Truckers a Welcome Change by Peter Vlaar

June 29 - New Employment Law article - Back to the Future Causation Alert: Clusters Trumps Medical Causation in Judicial Review of Technicians' Breast Cancer by Brian Murphy

June 28 - Newest Summer Student Blog Trust the Process by Emily Kostandoff

June 20 - Newest Summer Student Blog Mathematics in Litigation by Gabriela Caracas

June 15 - New Article When to say Enough? Marfo v. Ahmed: A restatement of the law regarding defence medical examinations - by Katie McBride

June 14 - Newest summer student blog, Bridging the Gap: Who wants to play 21 Questions? by Mark Borgo.

June 3 - First 2016 Summer Student Blog, Hit the Ground Running by Taskeen Abdul-Rawoof


May 27 - New Student Blog, Make the most of it by Shene Harris

May 3 - New Student Blog, When possible, just pick up the phone by Alex Robineau

May 2 - New Article: Public Sharing of Private and Personal Information and Videos: Cyberbullying and the Implications for Insurers by Michael Blinick and Leona Kung

May 2 - New Article: Bring out your calculators! Retroactive Attendant Care and SABS interest by Catherine Korte, Anthony Gatensby, and Bogdan Miscevic


April 23 - New Personal Injury Case Study - Waivers Gain Additional "Armor" in the Defence of Personal Injury Litigation - by Garett Harper

April 13 - Congratulations to Isabella Fiorillo, a Legal Assistant with MB, who was a recipient of one of the 2016 Legacy Awards. For the past four years, Isabella has been volunteering with the Toronto Youth Justice Committee as a Restorative Justice Facilitator.  See Personal Note for details.

April 7 - New AB Case Study Is there a 10 day time period on EUOs? Case Comment: Choeun ats Allstate by Domenic Nicassio


March 28 - New AB Case Study The Importance of Clear, Unequivocal Refusals - Falcon and State Farm - by Domenic Nicassio

March 18 - New AB Article Insurers Seeking Recovery of Overpayment? Beware of Notice Requirements - Case Comment: Intact Insurance v. Marianayagam 2016 by Domenic Nicassio

March 17 - MB welcomes Domenic Nicassio; a new lawyer to the Toronto office. Domenic has extensive experience representing insurers with respect to bodily injury claims and accident benefit disputes. Read his full bio.

March 14 - New AB Article: Will the Cap on Attendant Care Benefits Have Retroactive Effect? Superior Court Says 'No' by Domenic Nicassio

March 14 - New AB Article: John Hancock would be proud: Chaparina and State Farm and the importance of signatures on accident benefits treatment plans  by Robert Smith

March 9 - New Student Blog - All Work No Play? Think Again… by Leona K.

March 8 - MB & Northbridge polished their bowling shoes for third annual bowling night! See Photos


February 26 - New Employment Article: Employers Beware: An Employee Charged Criminally for Sexual Assault May Not Be Sufficient Grounds To Terminate with Cause - by David Elmaleh

February 26 - New Article: $30,000 Awarded for Defamatory Statements Made on Facebook by Robert Smith

February 22 - New AB Article: The requirement to provide "medical reasons" when denying treatment plans: a ticking time bomb? - by Robert Smith

February 22 - Goodbye FSCO, Hello LAT!  New article on how accident benefit disputes will be handled - by Michael Kennedy

February 19 - Photos for MB's Winterfest Ski Day 2016 are published.

February 17 - Recent decision case study:  Superior Court Re-Affirms that Bus Drivers are Held to a Higher Standard of Care by David Elmaleh and Michael Blinick

February 9 - Recent decision case study: Divisional Court Comments on Termination Rights of Employer during Probation Period by David Elmaleh

February 8 - New student blog Case Study: A Cautionary Tale by Aryeh S.

February 3, 2016 - New case study: New Privacy Tort Recognized in Ontario: Jane Doe 464533 v. X by Robert Smith.

February 2, 2016 - New student blog titled: Managing Stress by Carol-Anne M.

February 1, 2016 - Go to Photos Albums for pics from CLC/THG Joint Winter Conference, Florida


January 26, 2016 - New Case Study on The Ontario Court of Appeal's Decision on Livent Lights, camera, financial transaction: Auditor liability after the Livent decision

January 20, 2016 - New Employment Law article - Employment Termination Clauses: Failure to Specify Minimum Statutory Benefits after Dismissal, but Voluntary Provision of Those Benefits By Eitan Kadouri and Ben Carino.

January 13, 2016 - Newest student blog - a case summary handled by the student - Summoned to Old City Hall by Christine L.

January 7, 2016 - Student blog - can you believe they are at their Half-Way Point: People, Places, Things by Bogdan M.

January 5, 2016 - New Article on Insurance Coverage For Want of Jurisdiction by Anthony Gatensby - first published in Canadian

MB Partners are very pleased to announce that David Elmaleh is joining the firm as a partner effective January 2016. Please join us in congratulating David.


December 23 - CLC Executive Golf pics posted!  See Photo Albums

December 22 - New Employment Law Article: Employment Contracts: New Term? New Consideration! by David Elmaleh 

December 22 - Student blog gives a nice look into the students' holiday traditions.

December 16 - Four new Property Insurance / Subrogation articles posted today >

December 15 - Welcome to new lawyer Rachel Leck (Ottawa office).

December 11 - Article published re: Liability Limits in Subrogation - first presented at Transportation Law Seminar by Adam Grant.

December 10 - Two articles for Employment Law regarding the Benefits of Employment Liability Practices Coverage: both Human Rights Tribunal Cases and Civil Case Studies

December 1 - Transportation article added to database call Tranportation Case Law Updates 


November 27 - Sports Law Articles available - see the sports law handout page for access to all titles.

November 24 - Student Blog title Forget the molehills by Michael G.

November 12 - Transportation Law Article: Uber Now Delivers - By Leona Kung

November 11 - Transportation Law Article: Developments in Loss Transfer: Does the doctrine of laches apply to bar delayed claims? by Michael Blinick and Sean Valentine.

November 10 - Transportation Law Article: Autonomous Vehicles - The Next Frontier 

November 9 - Employment Law Article: Termination Provisions and Employment Contracts: The New Order by Martin Smith and Cassandra Khatchikian

November 6 - Employment Law Article: Probationary Employees: Employers' Termination Rights and Restrictions by Martin Smith and Carol-Anne Wyseman

November 2 - Get to know all our 2015 Call Associates: See bios published for Anthony Gatensby, Ben CarinoGarett Harper, Irina Sfranciog, Josh Sugar, Michael Vrantsidis, Sean Valentine

November 2 - Student Blog title Don't judge a book by its cover by Navid G.


October 27 - Student Blog title My First Civil Jury Trial (Yes while Articling!) by Alex R.

October 26 - Two Case Study articles added to the database re: Waiver Defence:  Trimmeliti v. Blue Mountain Resorts Ltd. and Levita v. Alan Crew et al

October 23 - Case Study - State Farm v. Old Republic Insurance, 2015 ONCA 699: Re: Heavy Commercial Vehicles

October 21 - Article - A "Victory for Common Sense": Uber Continues to Operate Legally in London, UK

October 15 - Guest Writer on our Student Blog titled Brushing your Teeth in the Shower: Time Management by David Elmaleh

October 7 -  Articling Student Blog Hard Hat and a Briefcase by Aryeh S.

October 2 - Articling Student Blog You v. Articling, [2016] 01 MB_Articling 10 (MB) by Bogdan M.


September 25 - Articling Student Blog First Appearances at Motion Court  by Leona K.

September 21 - Articling Student Blog Training from hell - Louis Litt Style?  by Christine L.

September 3 - Articling Student Blog Tips for the Bar Exam by Michael G. 


August 28 - Summer Student Blog titled Lawyers’ Advice For Your Last Year Of School by Shayan K.

August 20 - Congrats to the MB softball team for making it all the way to the semis and giving the 1st place team something to worry about!  Next year!

August 11 - Summer Student Blog titled A Summer for the Books: Practical Legal Skills Acquired by Mahdi H.


July 31 - Summer Student Blog titled An Actual Day as a Summer Student: Follow me by Karen B.

July 28 - David Elmaleh will speak on What you can do to make yourself indispensable and invaluable at the Toronto Lawyers Association's 5th Annual Articling Students Head Start Program on Sept 17 

July 24 - Michael Blinick was successful in defending the various owners and operators of Cloverdale Mall, in the case of Jung v Cloverdale Mall Inc. (and awarded costs!) Read the whole case summary.

July 23 - Summer Student Blog titled Legal Practice versus TV Legal Dramas  by Tiffany S.

July 17 - Summer Student Blog titled OCI Applications: Finding a Good Fit  by Marla R.

July 17 - Welcome to our newest lawyer in our Toronto office Marie-Pier Couturier.

July 13 - Student Blog titled Litigation: Yours to Discover by Victoria M.

July 8 - Student Blog titled Hands-on Learning Approach by Cassandra K.

July 8 - Featured Case: Brentnell and Wawanesa Mutual - read Arbitrator Mongeon's decision in favour of MB's client released on June 29, 2015 - representing MB lawyer Michael Kennedy

July 6 - Blog from the Summer Students titled Five Habits of Highly Successful Law Students by Shayan K.