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 Transportation Law - Mock Mediation Lunch and learn - 
March 28, 2019

underage drunk cyclist. imbibing at friend's house. the driver under the include of marijuana, city-maintained bike lane on a busy intersection & streetcar tunnel.

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Mock Facts

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Mock Cast & Mediation Memos

• Mediator - Van Krkachovski (MB Partner)
- Mediation Settlement Results

• Plaintiff Counsel - Jessica Grant (MB Partner)
- Mediation Memo of Plaintiff

• Driver Counsel - Eric Boate (MB Associate)
- Mediation Memo of Otto Mann & Shelbyville Shipping

• Driver Insurance Rep - Emily Feindel (AIG)

• Social Host Counsel - Matthew Dugas (MB Partner)
- Mediation Memo for Bart & Marge Simpson

• Social Host Insurance Rep- Mariana Henriquez (AIG)

• City Counsel - Jim Tomlinson (MB Partner)
- Mediation Memo of Springfield

• City Insurance Rep - Paul Hancock (Crawford)

• AB Insurer Counsel - Bogdan Miscevic (MB Associate)
- Mediation Memo of Duff General Inusurance Co.

• AB Insurance Rep - Shawna Gillen (AIG)

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