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Not for profit programs and charitable organizations face many unique challenges. Historically, important human service programs such as child care, foster care, group homes, and health services have suffered because they could not find experienced legal services.

Our lawyers understand the specific legal problems facing these programs, significantly enhancing the legal services available to the not for profit and charity sector. 

The mission of our Not for Profit and Charity Practice Group is to provide a stable source of legal expertise tailored to the specialized needs of the not for profit and charity sector, and to assist these organizations in the development and implementation of successful loss control and risk management programs. Our lawyers provide cost effective, results-oriented services by taking innovative approaches towards successful dispute resolution.

Risk Management Services

We know from our experiences that not for profit programs and charitable organizations are sometimes improperly evaluated by the commercial insurance industry. We also know that by working together, these programs and organizations can implement valuable risk management tools that will assist them in stabilizing their product and pricing.

As recognized leaders in this field, our Not for Profit and Charity Practice Group provides risk management services in a wide variety of areas, including: 

• Policy development and review
• Contract review, analysis and updating
• Human resources/Employment related advice and consultation
• Strategic Messaging and Response Techniques (SMART)
• 24/7 Emergency Response services.

We believe that risk management is the cornerstone of accountability, and that our Group is uniquely positioned to help the not for profit and charity sectors address calls for accountability through effective risk management plans.

Litigation Services

Our diverse Group is well qualified to provide cost effective and high quality litigation and other dispute resolution services in the following areas:

• Animal Welfare
• Child Protection
• Class action litigation
• Construction claims
• Defamation
• Employment law
• Environmental liability claims
• First party property claims (fire, explosion, theft, vandalism, and other weather-related claims)
• Human Rights
• Landlord/tenant matters
• Occupier liability claims
• Quasi-criminal prosecutions
• Special risks
• Transportation matters

We view our relationship with our not for profit and charity clients as a partnership in which we handle claims in a manner that is sensitive to their special relationships in their communities, with an eye to minimizing negative publicity from claims events.

Additional Services

Our Not for Profit and Charity Practice Group can provide not for profit programs and charitable organizations with services well beyond risk management and litigation counsel. Our Group is developing a database which will enable us to continuously improve our services over time. We also host regular seminars in which we focus on legal and risk management issues that specifically impact the unique exposures facing our clients.

We are committed to assisting our not for profit and charitable organization clients in achieving their commitment to educated, equitable, and healthy communities. 

Please contact any member of our Group for further information or assistance.