Students are the Future


Our aim is to hire the most talented people with the right balance of advocacy, legal, and interpersonal skills, with a view to them one day becoming firm lawyers.

Are you a fit?

Students - Present & Past


2013/14 Articling  Students - Toronto Office 

Justin Anisman (Western)

Kati Aubin (Queens)

Alyssa Caverson (Osgoode)

Emily Cohen-Gallant (Queens)

Eric Katzman (Western)

David Olevson (Queens)

2013/14 Articling Students - Ottawa Office 

Shivaan de Silva (Bond)

2013 Summer Students - Toronto Office 

Sarah Berhane (Osgoode)  
Ben Carino (Ottawa)  
Joanna Economopoulos (Toronto)  
Anthony Gatensby (Queens)
Garett Harper (UWO)
Irina Sfranciog (Ottawa)  
Brittany Sherwood (Queens)  
Brittany Sud (Osgoode)  
Josh Sugar (UWO)  
Sean Valentine (Windsor)  

2013 Summer Students - Ottawa Office 

Divya Khurana (Ottawa)  
Samaneh Mohammadi (Ottawa)  

2012/2013 Articling Students  - Currently Lawyers

Jesse Bellam  
Natalie Groen  
Malak Nassereddine    
Amanda Stellings   
Valerie Stiso  

2011/2012 Articling Students / Currently Lawyers

David Elmaleh  
Stefanie Vescio  
Emily Zeppa  

 2010/2011 Articling Students / Currently Lawyers

Yu Mai     
Adrian Nicolini   
Sabrina Lucibello