Students are the Future


Our aim is to hire the most talented people with the right balance of advocacy, legal, and interpersonal skills, with a view to them one day becoming firm lawyers.

Are you a fit?

Students - Present & Past


2015 Summer  Students - Toronto Office 

Karen Bernofsky

Mahdi Hussein

Melanie Jones

Shayan Kamlie

Victoria Mitrova

Marla Rosenblatt-Worth


2015 Summer Students - Ottawa Office 

Cassandra Khatchikian

Tiffany Santos


2014/15 Articling Students - Toronto Office 

Sarah Berhane (Osgoode)  
Ben Carino (Ottawa)  
Anthony Gatensby (Queens)
Garett Harper (UWO)
Divya Khurana (Ottawa)  
Irina Sfranciog (Ottawa)  
Brittany Sherwood (Queens)  
Brittany Sud (Osgoode)  
Josh Sugar (UWO)  
Sean Valentine (Windsor)  
Michael Vrantsidis (Osgoode)  

2014/15 Articling Students - Ottawa Office 

Samaneh Frounchi (Ottawa)  
2014/15 Articling Students - Kitchener Office   
Peter Vlaar (Osgoode)  

2014 Summer  Students - Toronto Office 

Navid Ghahraei (Ottawa)

Michael Greco (Manitoba)

Leona Kung (Michigan & Ottawa)

Christine Lau (Windsor)

Bogdan Miscevic (Windsor)

Aryeh Samuel (Osgoode)

Carol Ann Wyseman (Western)


2014 Summer Students - Ottawa Office 

Alex Robineau (Ottawa)


2013/14 Articling  Students - Recenty Hired Back

Alyssa Caverson (Osgoode)

Emily Cohen-Gallant (Queens)

David Olevson (Queens)