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it's not just a research job

It's not all about research...

McCague Borlack LLP's student program is one of litigation immersion where students will gain an enviable background in advocacy litigation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

At some firms, students are expected to do little more than research, while the lawyers handle the more interesting work. We believe that students learn best by doing, therefore, our program provides our students with practical, hands-on experience, seeing files from start to finish. Students are entrusted with a great deal of responsibility early on and supplied with all the support they need.

Our students are exposed to all facets of the litigation process, from the initial client meeting to attendance at trials and appeals. They regularly accompany lawyers to discoveries, mediations, arbitrations, pre-trials, and trials, and will handle a variety of assignments including conducting legal research, drafting pleadings and factums, and preparing motion records, and attending court on opposed and unopposed motions.

we hire great people
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