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it's not just a research job

Open door policy...

Lawyers assign work directly to our students and this work is monitored by the Student Committee to ensure each student's work experience covers a wide range of legal issues and practice areas.

Informal - Informal feedback on the student's work is provided directly from the assigning lawyer as assignments are completed wherein the student can ask for any further comments at that time.

Formal - Articling students have two formal evaluations during their time with the firm. Summer students receive a formal evaluation mid-summer. For these formal evaluations, the Student Committee canvasses all lawyers for written feedback on any of the students they worked with.

Resources - Further to all evals, students are always encouraged to ask questions and seek guidance from any and all lawyers in the firm. Additionally Ashley Faust, Associate Lawyer and Director of Student Program and Audit, is a dedicated resource who is available to all students and provides firm integration assistance, advice and guidance, and takes an active role in student professional development.

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