Automobile Fraud Automobile insurance fraud and material misrepresentation are growing concerns in Ontario that cost the insurance industry billions of dollars every year. In cases where fraud is apparent or suspected, a lawyer with specialized expertise in defending and prosecuting these cases is essential. While success in a fraud case can lead to a finding of no liability or even a repayment of benefits to the insurer, poor handling can leave insurers exposed to aggravated and punitive damages. Clients need experienced litigators to expertly handle potentially fraudulent claims every step of the way.

McCague Borlack’s Automobile Fraud Group members have extensive experience in handling automobile fraud cases and have succeeded in proving fraud in accident benefits and tort claims.  We work closely with the police, individual insurers, and the insurance industry as a whole in the fight against fraud in Ontario. 

Currently, McCague Borlack is a privacy consultant and advisor to Canadian National Insurance Crime Services (CANATICS), a not-for-profit organization that uses state-of-the-art analytical tools and information-pooling of consumers’ policy and claims data to identify and alert insurers to potentially suspicious automobile insurance claims. CANATICS was incorporated as a not-for-profit organization in January 2013, with the goal of targeting organized and premeditated fraud in the auto insurance industry. Using sophisticated data analytics, CANATICS will generate “alerts” for suspicious claims, which are then sent to the appropriate insurer. Members receiving the alerts will decide whether to proceed with an investigation. McCague Borlack LLP assists CANATICS with ongoing privacy advice to ensure compliance with applicable laws.