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October 4 -  Congrats once again to Howard Borlack and Van Krkachovski who have been recognized in the Lexpert Canadian Legal Directory for 2024 in the areas of Construction & Infrastructure (HB) and Personal Injury (VK).

Sept 13 - A Recipe for Success: The Similar Challenges of Articling and Starting Law School - new student blog by Nicholas Therins

Sept 12 - Say hello to Sophie Paradis MB's newest associate located in the Ottawa office.

Sept 8 - Congrats to Michael L. Kennedy on the "win" for his client. Read the featured case study - When Is Travel Insurance "Excess" to Auto Insurance? ONSC Clarifies Applicability of s. 268(6) of the Insurance Act by Chanpreet Shokar

Sept 8 - MB's Nawaz Tahir was quoted today in the CBC article, Murder-terror trial of a man accused in attack on a Muslim family in London, Ont., starts in Windsor -  "We have to appreciate that the vast majority of our neighbours and our community are peace-loving people that stand with us," 

Sept 6 - Welcome back to Winona Fitch, Anita Zamani, and Alexandria Bonney, last year's articling students who have all been asked back as associates. 

Sept 5 - Say hello to our newest lawyers in Toronto, Annie Bui, and in Ottawa, Mostafa Hamed

Sept 1 - Catherine Korte has been selected as co-chair for the Accident Benefits Fall Classic for the Canadian Defence Lawyers at The Conference Centre at OBA in Toronto - register here.

August 17 - In Ottawa - Max Gill (Windsor) and Nicholas Therens (Ottawa). And in Toronto - Alan Meka (Windsor), Arjun Raju (Osgoode), Chanpreet Shokar (Osgoode) and our newest recruit Ali Aghaeinia (Osgoode). Read their bios to get to know them.

August 17 - Congrats to Christopher Dias for being elected to the Board of Directors for SABA - South Asian Bar Association of Toronto.

August 16 - Now or Never - Limitations on Late Expert Reports by Martin Smith & Angela Ribarich

July 27 - Say hello to our newest Partner, Renata Bronshtein, in the Toronto office!

July 14 - New student blog -  Bringing a little MSW to the JDs by Rebecca Morrison.

July 14 - Hello to Christopher D. Gallo, who will work out of both Kitchener and Toronto.

July 10 - Hello to Michael C. Brown, who just joined our Barrie office.

June 26 - Hello to Siobhan McClelland, our newest lawyer, joining the firm as a partner working in the Toronto office. 

June 21 - New student blog - Whose side are you on, anyway? – Getting exposure to Plaintiff and Defence work by Draeden Lee

June 15 - New student blog - Avoid tipping the scales of justice - by Angela Ribarich

June 14 - Big welcome to our 2023 Summer Students - In Toronto - Angela Ribarich (Windsor), Draeden Lee (Queens), Kyle MacDonald (University of Toronto), and Rebecca Morisson (Windsor) - click the link to find their bios.

June 12 - Say hello to Christopher Dias, MB's newest Associate in the Toronto office.

June 7 - Say hello to Ye Yuan, MB's newest Associate in the Toronto and Barrie offices.

April 28 - Say hello to Samantha Biglou, MB's newest Partner in the Toronto office.

February 10 - Diminishing Returns - Divisional Court Confirms Motor Vehicle Accident Claims for Diminished Value are Statute Barred by Insurance Act by Matthew Dugas and Sandra White of McCague Borlack LLP.

January 17 - We are delighted to announce that Matthew GlassMarla KuperhauseArthur Rozumek, and Alex Hartwig have been asked to join the partnership, effective January 1, 2023. (Of course, they said YES!) 

January 17 - Compensation expectations for long-term employees terminated - Case Study: Williams v. Air Canada by Howard Borlack & Anita Zamani

January 4 - Statutory Deductibles & Monetary Thresholds - Increased for MVA Claims by Eric Boate

December 13 - Which doctor's opinion counts on threshold issues? Case Study: Sanson v Paterson v Sanson v Security National Insurance by Howard Borlack and Alexandria Bonney

December 12 - Say hello to our newest lawyers in London, Stephanie Marentette and in Toronto, Luke Saites.

December 2 - Are you a creditor, and do you have standing? Maybe not. Case Study: YG Limited Partnership and YSL Residences Inc. by Howard Borlack