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July 12 - A student blog - Buckle Up… We’re going on a Field Trip! by Lauren Maynes #futureleaders #litigators #lawstudents

July 5 - "Finding my Sea Legs" a student blog by Joseph Catton

June 21 - "Survey Says..." a student blog by Jordan Jacobs

June 13 - "My First Assignment and other (Not so Scary) things" a student blog by Emily O'Neil

June 6 - SPECT Scan Evidence: A Diagnostic Aid or a Novel Science? Case Comment: Kolapully v. Myles by Eric W.D. Boate, and Maxwell Gill

June 4 - Read our first summer student blog for 2024 on Orientation Week by Alexander Dimock.

May 24 - We are thrilled to announce all six of our articling students, Alan Meka, Ali Aghaeinia, Arjun Raju, Chanpreet Shokar, Maxwell Gill, and Nicholas Therens, will be returning to the firm as associates at the end of the summer!

May 22 - Data Breach: A Cautionary Tale of What Legal Privilege Can be Asserted Over in a Cybersecurity Investigation - Case Comment: LifeLabs LP v. Information and Privacy Commr (Ontario) by Howard Borlack and Chanpreet Shokar

May 16 - An Employer's Right to Dismiss an Employee is not Absolute - Case Comment: Dufault v The Corporation of the Township of Ignance by Martin Smith and Nicholas Therens 

May 13 - Say hello to MB's newest associate in the Toronto office, Wendy Ngai.

April 25 - Tick Tock, Tick Tock...  The New Timing Rules for Expert Reports by Nawaz Tahir and Ali Aghaeinia 

April 19 - An eye-opening account of the significance of written advocacy - The Pen Is Mightier than the Sword - by Ali Aghaeinia

April 9 - Fundamentally Different: Supreme Court of Canada on Statutory Rights of Appeal and Judicial Review by Howard Borlack & Alan Meka of McCague Borlack LLP

April 9 - Proposed Changes to Ontario Accident Benefits, and Potential Impacts on Tort Claims by Christopher Gallo and Maxwell Gill

April 1 - Novus Actus Interveniens (Intervening Cause) And "But For" Causation by Hillel David & Peter Yaniszewski 

March 13 - My First In-Person Court Attendance a student blog by Chanpreet Shokar

March 8 - Multiple Policies, Class Actions with Continuous Losses- Oh My! Case Comment: Loblaw Companies v Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Co. by Hillel David and Howard Borlack

February 29 - Say hello to our newest Law Clerk and read her bio - Anu Rambarran

February 21 - Get to know our newest Law Clerk - read her bio - Nellie Santic 

February 16 - Running Your Own Trial as an Articling Student - A student blog by Nicholas Therrens

February 14 - The Rules of Civil Procedure versus MFIPPA: What Governs Requests for Municipal Employees' Last Known Contact Information in Civil Actions in Ontario? by Arthur J. Rozumek and Arjun Raju

February 13 - Beware of the Standard of Care in Recreational Sports - Case Comment: Cox v. Miller - article by Howard Borlack and Alan Meka

January 5 - Learning the Ropes: My First Settlement Conference - student blog by Nicholas Therens

December 18 - Learn while making a difference - student blog by Ali Aghaeinia

December 12 - Psychotherapist Costs reviewed in a SAB case: Case Study: Johnson v Aviva Insurance by Michael Kennedy and Arjun Raju of McCague Borlack LLP

December 12 - Can auto insurers require an insured to undergo medical examinations? Case Study: Joaquim v. Intact Insurance Co. by Michael Kennedy and Arjun Raju of McCague Borlack LLP

December 12 - Student Blog by Max Gill - In Hallowed Halls: Selecting a Jury

October 4 -  Congrats once again to Howard Borlack and Van Krkachovski, who have been recognized in the Lexpert Canadian Legal Directory for 2024 in the areas of Construction and infrastructure (HB) and Personal Injury (VK).

Sept 13 - A Recipe for Success: The Similar Challenges of Articling and Starting Law School - new student blog by Nicholas Therins

Sept 12 - Say hello to Sophie Paradis MB's newest associate located in the Ottawa office.

Sept 8 - Congrats to Michael L. Kennedy on the "win" for his client. Read the featured case study - When Is Travel Insurance "Excess" to Auto Insurance? ONSC Clarifies Applicability of s. 268(6) of the Insurance Act by Chanpreet Shokar

Sept 8 - MB's Nawaz Tahir was quoted today in the CBC article, Murder-terror trial of a man accused in attack on a Muslim family in London, Ont., starts in Windsor -  "We have to appreciate that the vast majority of our neighbours and our community are peace-loving people that stand with us," 

Sept 5 - Say hello to our newest lawyers in Toronto, Annie Bui, and in Ottawa, Mostafa Hamed

Sept 1 - Catherine Korte has been selected as co-chair for the Accident Benefits Fall Classic for the Canadian Defence Lawyers at The Conference Centre at OBA in Toronto - register here.

August 17 - Welcome back to our articling students in Ottawa - Max Gill (Windsor) and Nicholas Therens (Ottawa). In Toronto - Alan Meka (Windsor), Arjun Raju (Osgoode), Chanpreet Shokar (Osgoode) and our newest recruit Ali Aghaeinia (Osgoode). Read their bios to get to know them.

August 17 - Congrats to Christopher Dias for being elected to the Board of Directors for SABA - South Asian Bar Association of Toronto.

August 16 - Now or Never - Limitations on Late Expert Reports by Martin Smith & Angela Ribarich