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September 18 - In the Wake of Waksdale: A Recent Decision with Serious Consequences for Ontario Employers by Martin Smith and Carly Jacuk

September 15 - Striking jury notices during the COVID-19 Pandemic: When is it more likely to happen? by Alan Drimer and Ryan Taylor

September 15 - Welcome to our newest associates - Toronto - Michelle Isenstein & Barrie - Ryan Taylor 

September 1 - Priority dispute determined by financial dependency: Featured Case Study for Eric Boate: TD Insurance and Intact Insurance by Howard Borlack

August 11 - Congratulations to our newest Toronto Associate Ryan Smith

August 11 - Ontario Courts updating online infrastructures to accommodate COVID-19 needs for safety by Howard Borlack and Conner Sipa

August 10 - Updates around Civil Matters in the Superior Court of Justice in the Central East Region by Howard Borlack and Paul Jacoby

July3 - Corrosion Exclusion II - Resulting Physical Damage - An exception to the exclusion in case: MDS Inc. v Factory Mutual Insurance by Hillel David

June 24 - Corrosion exclusion denied due to ambiguity; This author disagrees with the determination in case: MDS v Factory Mutual by Hillel David

June 10 - Congrats to our newest associates... Carly & Brittany

June 9 - Can a condominium corporation seek recovery of subrogated interests from a unit owner?  by Martin Smith and Marla Kuperhause

May 31 - A Plea for Simple Pleadings by Chris Macaulay and Brittany Rizzo

May 22 - Factors to consider during the tendering process - Case Study: Aquatech Canadian Water Services v Alberta by Howard Borlack 

May 21 - "It's 2020": Bringing the Courts in Line with the Times During COVID-19 - Case Study: Arconti v. Smith by Van Krkachovski 

May 21 - Insurance Policies, 1 Insured: Who Defends the Action, Who Pays the Costs of the Defence, and Who Controls the Defence? Case Study: Markham (City) v. AIG by Van Krkachovski 

May 14 - Articling during COVID-19 by Brittany R.

May 11 - Is it okay for jurors to engage in internet research during deliberations? Case Study: Patterson v Peladeau by Jennifer E. Kelly 

May 11 - The Doctrine of Discoverability and Accident Benefits Claims: Special Considerations following Tomec and Pafco by Jennifer E. Kelly and Carly Jacuk

May 7 - We're getting close! Reopening for business amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic by Martin Smith

April 29 - COVID-19: Business interruption – Tangible property and loss of use in the Ontario Courts - by Peter Yaniszewski and Lena Vartanian

April 21 - Directors' and Officers' Liability in the Age of COVID-19 

April 16 - Expansion of the Canada Emergency Response Benefit - by Martin Smith

April 15 - COVID-19: Taking stock of urgent motions By Ashley Faust 

April 14 - Blurring the lines between home and work: How to keep your productivity level up during COVID-19 - Student Blog 

April 14 - COVID-19: Business interruption – Are you covered? - by Peter Yaniszewski and Lena Vartanian

April 8 - Civil Claims Online Portal: Filing Non Urgent Documents Online - by Martin Smith

April 3 - Canada's Emergency Wage Subsidy in Response to COVID-19 - by Martin Smith 

March 26 - Canada's Economic Response Plan in Response to COVID-19 - by Martin Smith

March 18 - During this unprecedented time, we recognize that many companies will be facing multiple challenges with respect to employees working from home, and providing information to their staff as new developments regarding COVID-19 occur on almost an hourly bases. Our employment law practice group can help. News Alert

March 12 - Can a pseudonym screen name protect you from a lawsuit?: Case Study: Theralase Technologies Inc. v Lanter By Van Krkachovski

March 12 - Can a claim be denied due to criminal history from 20 years ago?: Case Study: Mohammed v The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company By Van Krkachovski 

March 12 - Long fight ends in judgement to Plaintiff includes interest plus costs: Featured Case Study: Infinity Construction Inc. v. Skyline Executive Acquisitions by Van Krkachovski 

March 6  - Taking Inventory: From one Student to Another - Student blog by Carly J.

February 14  - Analyzing Use or Operation of a Vehicle - Case Comment: Hunt v Peel Mutual Insurance by Howard Borlack & Brittany Rizzo

January 30 - Beware of Presumption of Management or Control of a Director - Case Comment: Alizadeh v Ontario by Howard Borlack 

January 29 - 'Twas the Motion before Christmas - Student Blog 

January 13 - A Duty of Good Faith is Foundational: Case Study: Demetriou v. AIG By Van Krkachovski, Theresa Hartley

January 13 - Location of Loss: Case Study: Benson v. Belair Insurance By Van Krkachovski, Theresa Hartley

January 13 - A power outage may not qualify for damage on-premise: Case Study: La Rose Bakery 2000 Inc. v. Intact By Van Krkachovski, Theresa Hartley

January 9 -  Meal Prep Tips for Lunches at Work - Student blog 

January 7 - MB announces their newest partners - Congratulations to Eric Boate & Sophia Suffront.

January 7 - MB held their Staff Christmas Party at the Escape Manor - everyone was divided into teams and they participated in different escape rooms and then did axe throwing. Super fun time! See photos.

November 25 - Student Blog - Family Matters - by Brittany

November 21 - Welcome to MB's newest lawyer in Toronto - Vasiola Bibolli

November 15 - Construction Act Reforms: Now in Effect! - Ontario Dispute Adjudication for Construction Contracts (ODACC) by Stephen Barbier & Eric Turkienicz

November 12 - The Test for Misfeasance of Public Office: Case Comment on Capital Solar Power v OPA - case by Howard Borlack

November 8 - Welcome to MB's newest lawyer in Toronto - James Zeppieri

October 30 - Student Blog - The Virgin Diary Part II - My first Pretrial 

October 24 - Welcome to MB's newest Toronto Lawyer - Marshall Hope

October 22 - Adam Grant will be speaking at the National Association of Subrogation Professionals Annual Conference on October 27th about cross-border vehicle subrogation -

October 11 - McCague Borlack heard the call and expanded to London! Read all about Our Regional Expansion Strategy & see Our Map of Offices to Court Houses!

October 1 - Do priority provisions in s. 268 of the Ontario Insurance Act apply to an out-of-province insurer for an accident that took place in Ontario: Case Study: Coseco v. Liberty, 2019 ONSC 4918 by Van Krkachovski

October 1 - Welcome to MB's newest lawyer in Ottawa - Lisanne McCullough