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November 15 - Articling: Expectation vs. Reality by Tess Doane

November 10 - What are separated parents' rights when one of them refuses to vaccinate their child against COVID-19? By Dennis Molnar and Paul Jacoby

November 9 - HBC Trademark Troubles: A review of the Zellers trademark dispute between HBC and a Quebec retail family by Mila Falkenstein and Adam Ostermeier

November 9 - Announcing our 2022 Summer Students! Alan Meka (Windsor), Arjun Raju (Osgoode), Chanpreet Shokar (Osgoode), Madeleine Cleland (Queens),  Naomi Santesteban (Osgoode)

November 2 - IBC surveyed insurance companies to find out which lawyers and law firms are setting the standard in the Canadian market. McCague Borlack and Howard Borlack individually made the 5-Star list!  

October 26 - Revisiting Governmental Immunity in Negligence Claims - Case Study: Nelson (City of) v. Marchi by Alan Drimer and Ryan Taylor

October 25 - The Big Jump: The voyage from law student to lawyer - student blog by Sandra White 

October 19 - MB is hiring for Toronto, Ottawa, and Barrie. See the Lawyer Careers page for details on years of experience per location. Looking to move back to your home or university town? MB will cover moving expenses where applicable.

October 18 - Say hello to MB's newest Toronto lawyer, Jana Smith. Read her full profile.

October 15 - CLC appoints Sanja Kraljevic as Executive Director. Read her goals and visions. Sanja is counsel at CLC's BC affiliate firm, where she will continue to practice part-time - read Sanja's full profile on the WT site.

Oct 4 - How does articling compare to law school?  A student blog by Paul Jacoby

Sept 28 - Amending to Add Family Law Act Claims: Not So Fast! By Eric Boate and Ryan Taylor 

Sept 27 - New Student blog - Articling is no joke by Kritika Seth

Sept 20 - Get updated profile info on our latest student to 2021 associate hires - Jennifer IltonChelsea Dobrindt & Adam Ostermeier.

Sept 20 - The Pendulum Swings towards Employer-Driven Mandatory Vaccination Policies By Martin Smith and Paul Jacoby

Sept 15 - In honour of the affected families and communities, the firm has chosen to recognize National Day for Truth and Reconciliation by closing McCague Borlack’s five offices on September 30th.

Sept 15 - With our new lawyer, Mila Falkenstein, comes a new practice area "Trademark Law".  Read up on it and Mila's bio to get the big picture of what this area covers.

Sept 7 - Get to know the newest lawyers Shuqin Weng & Nancy Sadek

Sept 10 - Virtual Social Events - Student blog by Conner Sipa

Aug 27 - So what has the first few weeks of articling been like? - Student blog by Ashna Gakhar

Aug 12 - Get to know our newest lawyer Melissa Scott is in the London office.

Aug 5 - Summer Student End of Term - Lessons Learned by Anita Zamani

Aug 3 - A Day (or Six) of Discoveries - student blog by Alexandria Bonney

July 27 - What to expect during virtual orientation week - student blog by Rebecca Feldman

July 20 - Be a Sponge Part 2: What I Learned from my Summer Student Experience by Dominique Mesina

July 15 - You got hacked: Limits on liability - A Case Study of Owsianik v. Equifax Canada Co, and Intrusion of Seclusion by Howard Borlack and Anita Zamani

July 13 - Why I’m scared of the Outlook Chime: Law Student vs. Summer Student - student blog by Winona Fitch

July 8 - Enforceability of Waivers: An Update - Case Study: Arksey v. Sky Zone by Alan Drimer and Ryan Taylor

July 6 - Punitive Damages v Employee Contributory Negligence - Case Comment: Eynon v. Simplicity Air by Howard Borlack & Dominique Mesina 

July 6 - Getting through the nerves of the OCI process by Anita Zamani

July 2 - This month's featured lawyer is Arthur Rozumek

July 2 - Motions in Motion: The Journey from First Assignment to Final Product -  by Alexandria Bonney

July 2 - Welcome to Victoria Locs, the firm's newest associate in the Ottawa office - read her full bio.

June 23 - Open Court Principle Prevails - Case Study: Sherman Estate v Donovan by Howard Borlack and Winona Fitch

June 22 - A Zoom-Day in the Life of a Summer Student by Rebecca Feldman

June 17 - Arbitrations and Receiverships: Do they need to be legally distant? - Case Study: Petrowest Corporation v. Peace River Hydro Partner by Howard Borlack and Anita Zamani 

June 16 - Unrealistic Coverage: Insurer tripped up by loose policy language - Case Study: Surespan Structures Ltd. v Lloyds Underwriters by Hillel David and Howard Borlack

June 16 - The perils of failing to close a purchase and sale agreement - Case Study: Joo v. Tran by Howard Borlack and Alexandria Bonney

June 9 - Student blog - I wish I had paid more attention in Civ Pro (and other thoughts) by Winona Fitch

May 18 - Misfeasance Claims against Crown Prosecutors - Case Study: Ontario (Attorney General) v. Clark by Howard Borlack and Adam Ostermeier

May 7 - The Current State of the Law on Adverse Costs Insurance by Van Krkachovski & Ryan Taylor

May 7 - Welcome back to Michael Wade, he has returned but is now in the Ottawa office.

May 1 - Van Krkachovski will be speaking at CDL's 2021 Insurance Coverage Symposium. His topic is "Adverse Costs Insurance". The dates are May 4 & 6. The event provides 5 hours of CPD - click here for details or to register

April 6 - Litigation Loans and Adverse Cost Insurance - an update on Champerty and Maintenance - by Van Krkachovski and Ryan Taylor

April 6 - Must an Insurer wait until Trial to Contest the Validity of the Policy? by Hillel David

March 26 - Litigation Loans and Adverse Cost Insurance - Webinar Handouts

February 26 - Being Proactive with Environmental Claims - Case Study: Albert Bloom Limited v. London Transit Commission by Howard Borlack and Adam Ostermeier

February 25 - Welcome to our newest lawyer Sven Mascarenhas to our Toronto office.

February 16 - Winter Maintenance Contracts - Featured Case Study: Ruetz v Metro Canada by Michael Kennedy and Jennifer Ilton

February 9 - Allegations are Subject to Higher Scrutiny When Made Against Personal Defendants - Featured Case Study: Matlock v. Ottawa-Carleton Standard Condominium Corporation by Martin Smith

January 26 - Tips for Online OCIs and In Firms - student blog by Adam Ostermeier

January 25 - Meet our newest associate in the Ottawa office, Bita Rajaee. Read her bio!

January 22 - Eric Boate's Case Study - McConnell v. Fraser - A Ruling on the motion to amend the Statement of Claim was written up in the Ontario Reports 

January 18 - Disengaging Assets subject to a CCAA Proceeding - Case Study: Teliphone Corp. v. Ernst & Young Inc. by Howard Borlack and Adam Ostermeier

January 18 - Early Inquiries are Critical to Ensuring Inclusion of Defendants - Case Study: Amanda Ali v. City of Toronto by Howard Borlack and Adam Ostermeier

January 18 - Claim for Loss of Opportunity Damages - Case Study: Akelius Canada Inc. v. 2436196 Ontario Inc by Howard Borlack and Adam Ostermeier

January 14 - Statutory Thresholds and Deductibles in reference to Tort Damages in MVAs by Van Krkachovski and Chelsea Dobrindt

January 13 - Who Pays to Produce the Medical Records? Case Study: Trumble v Soomal by Eric Boate and Jennifer Ilton

January 8 - Silence is not golden when it comes to contracts - Case Study: C.M. Callow Inc. v. Zollinger by Howard Borlack and Adam Ostermeier

January 5 - A Million Dollar Bonus after Constructive Dismissal - Case Study: Matthews V Ocean Nutrition Canada Ltd by Howard Borlack and Jennifer Ilton

January 5 - Big Changes to Small Claims: How COVID-19 has affected the Small Claims Court by Howard Borlack & Chelsea Dobrindt

December 31 - Things I didn't expect to like about articling - student blog by Sydney McMahon

December 16 - Expert Evidence May Not Trump in Summary Judgment Cases: Case Study: Haley v Stepan by Michael Kennedy

December 16 - Summary of changes to Reg. 194 under the Courts of Justice Act: Rules of Civil Procedure by Eric Boate and Jennifer Ilton

December 7 - A Case study for Markham (City) v. AIG Insurance - 2 Insurance Policies, 1 Insured: Who Defends the Action, Who Pays the Costs of the Defence, and Who Controls the Defence? by Van Krkachovski was updated with the appeal decision from the Supreme Court of Canada

December 2 - Legal Liabilities and the Transmission of COVID-19: What you need to know about Bill 218 by Jessica Grant