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April 28 - Say hello to Samantha Biglou, MB's newest Partner in the Toronto office.

February 10 - Diminishing Returns - Divisional Court Confirms Motor Vehicle Accident Claims for Diminished Value are Statute Barred by Insurance Act by Matthew Dugas and Sandra White of McCague Borlack LLP.

January 17 - We are delighted to announce that Matthew GlassMarla KuperhauseArthur Rozumek, and Alex Hartwig have been asked to join the partnership, effective January 1, 2023. (Of course, they said YES!) 

January 17 - Compensation expectations for long-term employees terminated - Case Study: Williams v. Air Canada by Howard Borlack & Anita Zamani

January 4 - Statutory Deductibles & Monetary Thresholds - Increased for MVA Claims by Eric Boate

December 13 - Which doctor's opinion counts on threshold issues? Case Study: Sanson v Paterson v Sanson v Security National Insurance by Howard Borlack and Alexandria Bonney

December 12 - Say hello to our newest lawyers in London, Stephanie Marentette and in Toronto, Luke Saites.

December 2 - Are you a creditor, and do you have standing? Maybe not. Case Study: YG Limited Partnership and YSL Residences Inc. by Howard Borlack 

November 30 - You got hacked: Limits on Liability - AN UPDATE: Case Study of Owsianik v. Equifax Canada Co, and Intrusion of Seclusion by Theresa Hartley 

November 2 - Speaking on my very first motion…alone! a student blog by Anita Zamani

October 25 - Welcome back to our Toronto Associate, Zohaib Ahmed, and our Ottawa Associates, Sandra White and Tess Doane, who are returning after passing the Bar.

October 24 - Welcome to Christine Stojanov, a new lawyer located in the Toronto office - read her bio

October 24 - How I Survived My Busiest Week of Articling (so far) - a student blog by Dominique Mesina

September 23 - Taking a Lesson from Jon Snow - a student blog by Matt De Summa

September 21 - The Divisional Court rules that all employment insurance benefits are deductible under the SABS - featured case study by Petra Sbeiti

September 9 - Say hello to our newest associate, Petra Sbeiti, located in MB's Ottawa office, and Asal Karimi, located in MB's Barrie office.

September 6 - And We're Back! - student blog by Winona Fitch

September 2 - Welcome to our newest associate in the Ottawa office, Jennifer Beresford!

August 31 - Access articles further to a client seminar.

August 16 - Regional Update on next available civil motion dates - put together by Eric Turkienicz & Nicholas Therens

August 15 - In honour of the affected families and communities, the firm has once again chosen to recognize National Day for Truth and Reconciliation by closing McCague Borlack’s five offices on September 30th.

August 15 - Welcome back to our summer students of 2021 who are now our articling students 2022 - Anita Zamani, Winona Fitch, Alexandria Bonney, Dominique Mesina & one new face Matt DeSumma. To read their bios, see our student page.

August 11 - Learning the Law and the Trade - law student blog by Max Gill.

August 2 - Field Trips - Expect the Unexpected - law student blog by Rotem Fellus.

July 28 - Ontario Court of Appeal Upholds Decision to Deny Coverage for Tort of Intrusion upon Seclusion Claims - Case Comment: Demme v. HIROC by Eric Turkienicz and Naomi Santesteban

July 18 - Get to know our newest lawyer, Stephen Robinson - read his bio

July 18 - Stephen Barbier will be speaking at the National Academy of Forensic Engineers - NAFE conference on July 24th. His topic will be Product Liability Litigation in the Globalized Marketplace: Technical Aspects of Seeking Recovery Against Out-of-Jurisdiction International Manufacturers - register at #productliability

July 14 - Learning by Doing: Examination for Discovery, a student blog by Naomi Santesteban

July 12 - Determination of Notice Periods for Rehired Employees Post CCAA Proceedings - Case Comment: Antchipalovskaia v. Guestlogix by Howard Borlack and Chanpreet Shokar

July 5 - The Summer Students' First Day In Person! a student blog by Madeleine Cleland

June 29 - Judge vs. Jury: Considerations for Medical Malpractice Cases by Martin Smith & Desneiges Mitchell

June 29 - Welcome to our newest law clerk Leanne Selevich - read her bio to get to know her.

June 27 - My First Mediation - A student blog by Chanpreet Shokar

June 24 - Breaking The Blunt Arrow: Bill 27's Ban on Non-Compete Agreements by Martin Smith & Desneiges Mitchell

June 20 - What's happened so far: the first few weeks... a student blog by Arjun Raju

June 15 - Say hello to our new lawyer, Lyrica Roche, located in Toronto. Read her full bio.

June 15 - Initial Summer Student Experience: Here's to Growth! - a student blog by Alan Meka.