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McCague Borlack LLP continues to operate and service all our clients. Electronic transmission of documents is preferable at this time. Our lawyers and staff have been set up to work remotely from their home offices. During this unprecedented time, we recognize that many people and companies will be facing multiple challenges. We are all working together to address these challenges and are committed to keeping you informed with the latest legal news related to COVID-19.

Sept 20 - The Pendulum Swings towards Employer-Driven Mandatory Vaccination Policies By Martin Smith and Paul Jacoby

January 5 - Big Changes to Small Claims: How COVID-19 has affected the Small Claims Court by Howard Borlack & Chelsea Dobrindt

December 2 - Legal Liabilities and the Transmission of COVID-19: What you need to know about Bill 218 by Jessica Grant

October 14 - New Financial Support for Workers Relying on Government Benefits during the COVID-19 Pandemic by Martin Smith 

September 15 - Striking jury notices during the COVID-19 Pandemic: When is it more likely to happen? by Alan Drimer and Ryan Taylor

August 11 - Ontario Courts updating online infrastructures to accommodate COVID-19 needs for safety by Howard Borlack and Conner Sipa

August 10 - Updates around Civil Matters in the Superior Court of Justice in the Central East Region by Howard Borlack and Paul Jacoby

May 21 - "It's 2020": Bringing the Courts in Line with the Times During COVID-19 - Case Study: Arconti v. Smith

May 7 - We're getting close! Reopening for business amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic

April 29 - COVID-19: Business interruption – Tangible property and loss of use in the Ontario Courts

April 21 - Directors' and Officers' Liability in the Age of COVID-19

April 16 - Expansion of the Canada Emergency Response Benefit

April 15 - COVID-19: Taking stock of urgent motions

April 14 - COVID-19: Business interruption – Are you covered?

April 8 - Civil Claims Online Portal: Filing Non Urgent Documents Online

April 3 - Canada's Emergency Wage Subsidy in Response to COVID-19

March 27 - Canada's Economic Response Plan in Response to COVID-19

March 18 - Employment Law in regards to COVID-19

March 14 - Our firm measures in regards to COVID-19


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