Cyber Risk

Cyber crime is one of the world’s fastest growing crimes. It is frequently cited as one of the most signifi cant risks facing businesses worldwide. The increase in cyber risks has resulted in many of the world’s largest enterprises falling victim to network outages, data breaches and malicious attacks. These factors, combined with evolving data protection laws, increasing awareness of reputational damage, and exposure to business interruption claims have led industry leaders to seek solutions.
The McCague Borlack LLP Cyber Risk Practice Group is a key element to the strategy our clients use to protect themselves and their businesses from all forms of cyber risk. These clients are in every discipline and include individuals, professionals, partnerships, small to midsized businesses, major corporations and their directors and officers, representatives from the insurance and financial services industries, and select clientele in the retail and hospitality industry, media and entertainment, education, the public sector and the health care sector.
In today’s environment, cyber risks pose a very real threat to our way of life. While we can assist our clients in minimizing exposure to cyber risks, security breaches are inevitable. However, robust breach response policies and contingency plans, as well as a thorough understanding of applicable laws and best practices, will help ensure that risks are mitigated with minimal business interruption. McCague Borlack LLP welcomes the opportunity to assist our clients in handling their cyber risks from initial threat through to final resolution.