Aryeh Samuel

Associate Lawyer


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A Focus on Insurance Defence & Personal Injury

Direct: 416.869.7836
Fax: 416.860.0003
Bar Admission: 2016
Location: Toronto


Aryeh specializes in insurance litigation and routinely acts on behalf of Canada’s largest insurers with respect to a variety of insurance defence matters. Aryeh summered and articled at McCague Borlack, where he was afforded numerous opportunities to attend and speak in court. He also attended/participated in countless examinations for discovery, and mediations. Over the two terms, Aryeh was immersed in the broad array of work that lawyers at McCague Borlack specialize in and took an interest in the areas of personal injury, occupiers’ liability, professional liability, sports and recreation liability, and tort liability claims.

Prior to attending law school, Aryeh majored in economics at Yeshiva University in New York City where he developed a particular interest in analyzing situations from an economic perspective. This training has made Aryeh keenly aware of what his clients' business needs are and has helped him tailor his legal advice to ensure those interests are well protected.

During Aryeh’s first and second year of law school, he worked part-time  for  a sole practitioner specializing in criminal defence. Aryeh gained valuable skills in this role, and appeared regularly at the Ontario Court of Justice, and participated in pre-trial conferences and preliminary hearings. Most importantly his experience discussing legal issues with clients for whom the legal system was both novel and intimidating taught Aryeh the importance of being able  to distil complex matters down to their core without sacrificing accuracy.

Aryeh has a creative and entrepreneurial side to him as well. For example, just as Toronto was hit with a major garbage strike in 2009, Aryeh, along with a friend, had put together a plan to collect garbage from neighbours for a modest fee. As the strike dragged on and word of the venture spread, so did the demand for their service. After forty exhausting days, Aryeh had a thriving business with satisfied customers.