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Our firm has the experience and "bench strength" to deal with files both large and small with an emphasis on personalized service.Our lawyers succeed by working hard for our clients and using a practical approach to problem solving.


NameTitlePhone NumberEmailVcard   
Zohaib Ahmed Associate Lawyer 416.860.8363 Zohaib Ahmed Thumb vcard
Jennifer Beresford Associate Lawyer 613.566.5981 Jennifer Beresford Thumb vcard
Samantha Biglou Partner 416.860.8387 Samantha Biglou Thumb vcard
Eric W.D. Boate Partner 705.481.0236 Eric W.D. Boate Thumb vcard
Howard Borlack Partner 416.860.0054 Howard Borlack Thumb vcard
James M. Brown Partner 613.566.5977 James M. Brown Thumb vcard
Annie Bui Associate Lawyer 416.860.2544 Annie Bui Thumb vcard
Hillel David Associate Lawyer 416.860.8360 Hillel David Thumb vcard
Christopher Dias Associate Lawyer 416.860.2533 Christopher Dias Thumb vcard
Alan S. Drimer Partner 705.481.0235 Alan S. Drimer Thumb vcard
Matthew Dugas Partner 416.860.3086 Matthew Dugas Thumb vcard
Ashley Faust Associate Lawyer 416.860.4611 Ashley Faust Thumb vcard
Winona Fitch Associate Lawyer 416.862.8637 Winona Fitch Thumb vcard
Christopher D. Gallo Associate Lawyer 519.340.0504 Christopher D. Gallo Thumb vcard
Maxwell Gill Associate Lawyer 613.566.5983 Maxwell Gill Thumb vcard
Adam Grant Partner 416.862.8631 Adam Grant Thumb vcard
Jessica Grant Partner 416.860.5322 Jessica Grant Thumb vcard
Mostafa Hamed Associate Lawyer 613.566.5990 Mostafa Hamed Thumb vcard
Garett Harper Partner 226.781.2130 Garett Harper Thumb vcard
Theresa Hartley Partner 416.869.7825 Theresa Hartley Thumb vcard
Alexander Hartwig Partner 613.566.5971 Alexander Hartwig Thumb vcard
Tonia Jiao Associate Lawyer 416.860.8094 Tonia Jiao Thumb vcard
Asal Karimi Associate Lawyer 705.481.0243 Asal Karimi Thumb vcard
Jennifer E. Kelly Partner 416.864.6584 Jennifer E. Kelly Thumb vcard
Michael Kennedy Partner 519.340.0492 Michael Kennedy Thumb vcard
Catherine A. Korte Partner 416.862.8632 Catherine A. Korte Thumb vcard
Van Krkachovski Partner 416.860.0034 Van Krkachovski Thumb vcard
Marla Kuperhause Partner 416.862.8638 Marla Kuperhause Thumb vcard
Victoria Locs Associate Lawyer 613.566.5994 Victoria Locs Thumb vcard
Paul McCague Retired Partner 416.860.0010 Paul McCague Thumb vcard
Siobhan McClelland Partner 416.869.7838 Siobhan McClelland Thumb vcard
Jason Meloche Associate Lawyer 226.781.2129 Jason Meloche Thumb vcard
Dennis Molnar Associate Lawyer 613.566.5992 Dennis Molnar Thumb vcard
Wendy Ngai Associate Lawyer 416.869.7821 Wendy Ngai Thumb vcard
Sophie Paradis Associate Lawyer 613.566.5975 Sophie Paradis Thumb vcard
Olivia Polihronis Associate Lawyer 416.860.2530 Olivia Polihronis Thumb vcard
Arthur J. Rozumek Partner 416.860.8394 Arthur J. Rozumek Thumb vcard
Nancy Sadek Partner 613.566.5986 Nancy Sadek Thumb vcard
Luke Saites Partner 416.869.7820 Luke Saites Thumb vcard
Petra Sbeiti Associate Lawyer 613.566.5988 Petra Sbeiti Thumb vcard
Martin Smith Managing Partner - Ottawa Office 613.566.5970 Martin Smith Thumb vcard
Sophia Souffront Partner 416.860.4610 Sophia Souffront Thumb vcard
Nawaz Tahir Partner 226.781.2128 Nawaz Tahir Thumb vcard
James Tomlinson Retired Partner 416.860.0062 James Tomlinson Thumb vcard
Eric Turkienicz Partner 416.860.3895 Eric Turkienicz Thumb vcard
Annette Uetrecht-Bain Partner 416.862.2209 Annette Uetrecht-Bain Thumb vcard
Sandra White Associate Lawyer 613.566.5982 Sandra White Thumb vcard
Peter F. Yaniszewski Partner 416.860.0037 Peter F. Yaniszewski Thumb vcard