Annie Bui

Associate Lawyer


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A Focus on Personal Injury Litigation

Direct: 416.860.2544
Fax: 416.860.0003
Bar Admission: 2016
Location: Toronto


Annie Bui is not just a talented personal injury lawyer; she's a dynamic force in the legal world with a unique blend of legal expertise and creative pursuits. She was born with an innate passion for the law, and her early career experiences honed her skills, leading her to specialize in personal injury law.

Annie's courtroom prowess has shone in various legal arenas. Her appearances in the Ontario Court of Justice, Small Claims Court, and the License Appeal Tribunal (LAT) have consistently demonstrated her legal acumen and commitment to securing favourable results for her clients. With an eye for detail, she leaves no stone unturned in crafting compelling arguments that make her a formidable advocate. But Annie's talents extend beyond the courtroom. She is detail-oriented and prompt in her professional life and exudes a warm and personable demeanour.

Beyond her legal pursuits, Annie has a flair for creativity. She's the mind behind a popular food blog that artfully showcases her culinary creations. Her ability to blend the precision of law with the creativity of cooking showcases her multifaceted talents.

Away from the office, Annie's life takes on an entirely different dimension. She's a doting parent, often found chasing after her toddler with boundless energy. Her love for puzzles and challenges extends to solving her way out of escape rooms, a hobby that mirrors her analytical mindset in her legal work.

Annie is a testament to the idea that a legal career can be both professionally fulfilling and personally enriching. Her dedication to the law and her zest for life outside the office makes her a true standout in her field.