Past Events


Events listed below were hosted or sponsored by McCague Borlack or by one of our affiliations: CLC or Harmonie, or an MB lawyer had an active role as Speaker or Chair in the event.

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Past Events


November 14 - Transportation Law Seminar - Privacy, Pipeda, Cyber, Fraud

April 8, 2019 - Did you get the handouts to our MB Mock Mediation Lunch & Learn - Scenario - Car/Bike DUI Accident on a municipal bike lane.

February 28 - Sports Law Seminar -Topics: High on the Hill: Recreational Cannabis & Ski Resort Liability, Rowan's Law Updates, Public Pool Liability, Schnarr v. Blue Mountain Resorts. GoTo Handouts page 

February 1, 2019 - McCague Borlack's Christmas in January Party - See Photos 

January 2019 - CLC/THG Joint Winter Conference - San Diego, CA - See Photo album 1 & Photo album 2 

November 30, 2018 - Handouts for the Surveillance Seminar are now available "RE: substantive v. Impeachment, legal requirements, edits, testimony, timestamps"

September 24, 2018  - Transportation Seminar - see handouts for How to handle Claims involving Autonomous Cars & Trucks

June 12 - MB & CLC hosted their 20th Annual Golf Day at Bond Head. See photos.

May 24 - MB hosted the 2018 ORIMS AGM, PD Conference & Spring Fling Reception - download speaker handouts.

May 3 - Transportation Law Seminar Handouts - Updates on The Marshall Report - Guest Speakers Don Kunkel & Dr. Ben CLark from AssessMed