Past Events


Events listed below were hosted or sponsored by McCague Borlack or by one of our affiliations: CLC or Harmonie, or an MB lawyer had an active role as Speaker or Chair in the event.

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Past Events


March 2021 - Transportation Law Webinar - this Seminar explored litigation loans and adverse cost insurance in both the Canadian and US context, including how they work, disclosure obligations, the plaintiff's ability to pass the cost to the defendant, and the defence response. Guest speakers included a Plaintiff and U.S. lawyer to round out the content. Access Handouts!

November 14 - Transportation Law Seminar - Privacy, Pipeda, Cyber, Fraud

April 8, 2019 - Did you get the handouts to our MB Mock Mediation Lunch & Learn - Scenario - Car/Bike DUI Accident on a municipal bike lane.

February 28 - Sports Law Seminar -Topics: High on the Hill: Recreational Cannabis & Ski Resort Liability, Rowan's Law Updates, Public Pool Liability, Schnarr v. Blue Mountain Resorts. GoTo Handouts page 

February 1, 2019 - McCague Borlack's Christmas in January Party - See Photos 

January 2019 - CLC/THG Joint Winter Conference - San Diego, CA - See Photo album 1 & Photo album 2 

November 30, 2018 - Handouts for the Surveillance Seminar are now available "RE: substantive v. Impeachment, legal requirements, edits, testimony, timestamps"

September 24, 2018  - Transportation Seminar - see handouts for How to handle Claims involving Autonomous Cars & Trucks

June 12 - MB & CLC hosted their 20th Annual Golf Day at Bond Head. See photos.

May 24 - MB hosted the 2018 ORIMS AGM, PD Conference & Spring Fling Reception - download speaker handouts.

May 3 - Transportation Law Seminar Handouts - Updates on The Marshall Report - Guest Speakers Don Kunkel & Dr. Ben CLark from AssessMed