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Intellectual Property (IP) and Information Technology (IT) is a broad area of the law that encompasses computer science and technology, the design and implementation of information systems and applications, and the related fields of trademark, copyright, and patent law. These fields present both first party risks (e.g. interruption of service, destruction of data, software, and hardware, and improper use of proprietary and confidential information) and third party risks (e.g. defamation, invasion of privacy, harassment, professional liability, directors' and officers' liability, trademark, copyright and patent infringement, and breach of contract).

Our IP and IT Litigation Group is composed of lawyers with a wide range of experience in the constantly evolving fields of information technology, e-commerce, and intellectual property. We have the skills required to handle the inherent risks in these areas.

Our services include:

  • Loss prevention advice and risk management, including the provision of advice concerning new developments in caselaw and legislation, and participation in informative seminars and presentations;
  • Coverage advice, including the extent to which information technology, e-commerce, advertising, and intellectual property risks fall within the scope of insurance coverage;
  • Policy analysis, including advice pertaining to coverage provisions prior to their inclusion in policies of insurance, and ongoing advice to aid in upgrading existing policy wordings;
  • Defence, including advice and representation in response to any legal action regarding information technology, e-commerce, advertising, and intellectual property disputes;
  • Subrogation, including evaluation of the loss and the potential for recovery, and the investigation, preservation, and analysis of relevant evidence to support the claim; and
  • Enforcement, including service of cease and desist letters and Anton Piller Orders, and working in conjunction with law enforcement officers to search for and seize counterfeit items.

The Intellectual Property and Information Technology Litigation Group is eminently qualified to assist you with any of your questions in this area. Please contact any members of the group for further information or assistance.