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Landlord TenantLandlord and Tenant disputes, particularly those related to commercial tenancies, can be a complex field that requires a law firm to not only have a thorough understanding of the law, but also be sensitive to the need for a landlord and tenant to maintain a business relationship.

Our lawyers attempt to resolve landlord and tenant disputes through negotiation and alternative dispute resolution first. When alternative dispute resolution fails, our lawyers are experienced and prepared to have your dispute resolved expeditiously and efficiently in the Landlord and Tenant Board or in the courts.

Comprehensive Service

Our Landlord and Tenant Group is very active in a full range of landlord and tenant matters, including:

  • comprehensive landlord and tenant services
  • Residential Tenancies Act Disputes
  • Commercial Tenancies Act Disputes
  • Eviction Proceedings and Landlord Re-entry and Distraint
  • Advancing or Responding to Landlord and Tenant Board Applications
  • Disputes Over Lease Terms and Provisions
  • Lease Remedies
  • Rent Disputes
  • Business Interference
  • Injunctions and Civil Restraining Orders
  • Debt Collection and Recovery
  • Risk Assessment and Management

Flexible Funding Arrangements

The Landlord and Tenant Group works together with our clients to develop and implement funding arrangements appropriate to the size and complexity of the case and the needs of the client.