Students are the Future


Our aim is to hire the most talented people with the right balance of advocacy, legal, and interpersonal skills, with a view to them one day becoming firm lawyers.

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Students - Present & Past


2021 Articling Students - Hired back from 2020 Summer Students

Toronto Office

Zohaib Ahmed (University of Western Ontario)

Ashna Gakhar (University of Windsor)

Paul Jacoby (Queens Law)

Kritika Seth (Queens Law)

Conner Sipa (University of Western Ontario)

Ottawa Office

Tess Doane (University of Ottawa)

Sandra White (University of Ottawa)


2022 Articling Students - Hired back from 2021 Summer Students

Toronto Office

Winona Fitch (Queens Law)

Anita Zamani (Queens Law)

Ottawa Office

Alexandria Bonney (University of Ottawa)

Dominique Mesina (Queens Law)


2022 Summer Students 

Toronto Office

 Alan Meka (Windsor)

 Arjun Raju (Osgoode)

 Chanpreet Shokar (Osgoode)

 Madeleine Cleland (Queens)

 Naomi Santesteban (Osgoode)


Ottawa Office

Rotem Fellus (Osgoode)

Max Gill (University of Windsor)

Nicholas Therens (University of Ottawa)