Students are the Future


Our aim is to hire the most talented people with the right balance of advocacy, legal, and interpersonal skills, with a view to them one day becoming firm lawyers.

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Students - Present & Past


2024 Summer Students

Toronto Office

Emily O’Neil (Queen's University)

Jordan Jacobs (University of Ottawa)

Joseph Catton (Osgoode)

Tiara Beaton (Windsor)

Zlata Bishev (Windsor)


Ottawa Office

Alexander Dimock (Windsor)

Lauren Maynes (University of Ottawa)

Matthew Brues (University of Ottawa)



2024/2025 Articling Students

Toronto Office

Angela Ribarich (Windsor)

Draeden Lee (Queens)

Kyle MacDonald (University of Toronto)

Rebecca Morisson (Windsor)


Ottawa Office

Annie Javaid (University of Ottawa)

Katie Bolger (University of Ottawa)



2023/2024 Articling Students (All returning as Associates in September)

Toronto Office

Ali Aghaeinia (Osgoode)

Alan Meka (Windsor)

Arjun Raju (Osgoode)

Chanpreet Shokar (Osgoode)


Ottawa Office

Maxwell Gill (University of Windsor)

Nicholas Therens (University of Ottawa)