Litigation is the last thing you want to think about when running a business. For a law firm of trial lawyers with experience at every level of Court, that’s not something we like to hear. Or to admit. 

When you need to protect your business by taking legal action or defending a claim, you need a law firm with a demonstrated mastery of the law. One with centuries of collective experience. One with a proven track record of winning complex cases, and one with a practical business sense that knows when to negotiate and when to put your foot down. 

When it comes to our Commercial and Business Litigation Group, protecting your business is our business. Our lawyers are among the most respected attorneys in their field, in the courtroom and beyond. Whether your dispute is a matter of contract, finance, construction, insolvency, or anything related to the well-being of your operation, we have the knowledge, experience, and grit to achieve what matters most to your business.